Andaz: 'A living canvas for local artists to showcase their work'

Laurie Delk, PACIFIC San Diego Magazine, 14 Jun 2017

With the recent renovation of 600 F St. in downtown San Diego, Andaz brings an unexpected dose of fine art to San Diego locals and tourists. Oozing with style and engaging imagery, the hotel features work by local artists in every room, meeting space, club space, entryway, and hallway you can imagine. In charge of the decor is Gensler Design Firm, who selects artists that embody “the brands imaginative, whimsical, and provocative style.”

In an impressive homage to art, Andaz incorporates the culture, arts, and crafts of the local community in each city they house a hotel. They believe “up-and-coming artists provide an authentic experience by infusing local culture and capturing the spirit of the place.” Displaying a wide range of art including prints, paintings, and large scale murals, the hotel provides exposure for artists to be viewed and appreciated by thousands of guests.

Salazar mural
Artwork from Alexander Salazar from his Swirl/Pour Series. (Courtesy photo)
Here’s the lowdown on where you’ll find art at Andaz in San Diego.

The striking two-story mural in the lobby remains in all of its vibrant glory, providing a colorful welcome to guests. (Tip: It makes for a memorable background for photographs and social media posts.)


The Gallery
This conference room features two must-see works. The larger of the pieces is a mural from local photographer Christine Finkelson. Known for her exhibitions at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art and the San Diego Museum of Art, the artist used two photographs from her Hobart Abstract series, Hobart #5 and Hobart #14 to create one seamless image. The series was a collection of macro photographs she gathered and cropped “from many years of postings by thousands of people.” She said of the work, “It reminded me of a DADA experiment — an unforeseen collaboration between many people creating a work of art they are unaware of participating in.”

-Christine Finkelson
Christine Finkelson mural at Andaz hotel in downtown San Diego. 

On the opposite wall is an expressive black and white piece by local art gallery owner and artist Alexander Salazar, from his Swirl/Pour Series.

(Tip: Look for the next Salon event at the Andaz to get up close and personal with more artists and their works.)

The Studio Loft
A space for private parties, this area features a two-story gallery display of local artists’ work including Brittany Segal, whose works are also seen in many of the rooms; Tyson King; and Jor Smith Michael, an exchange artist from their property in Savannah, Georgia.

Tyson King painting
Artwork from artist Tyson King can be sound in The Studio Loft at Andaz hotel in downtown San Diego. 
All around the hotel
Look for artworks in the elevator lobbies of each floor, lining the hallways, and in each of the 159 rooms (should you happen to be staying there, or know someone who is), with striking examples in the luxury suites.

Plan your art-loving staycation at Andaz today.

“Every Andaz is a living canvas for local artists to showcase their work.” — Gensler Design Firm website regarding Andaz San Diego

Brittany Segal Untitled
Artwork from Brittany Segal can be seen in many rooms throughout the Andaz hotel. 
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